Dave Garrard’s course nears conclusion

Dave Garrard has been busy for the past two months, teaching his Revelation course online via Zoom, the popular video-call programme. He wrote the course in English, suitable for Bible students in Zambia, and then translated it into French for use in DR Congo. He currently has about 30 students, based in Lubumbashi, other parts of Congo, and some other nations, following the course. He teaches for 2 hours on 3 days a week, meaning that he has spent about 48 hours since 23 May going through this book of the Bible, which is hard to understand and has had so many different interpretations over the years. Dave allows time for questions after his teaching and there have been some ‘hot discussions’!

With Zoom, there can be a problem with noises picked up by the microphones in the participators’ computers and smart phones. Dave says he has had to control these, muting the sounds apart from the person speaking, to avoid all the distracting background noises of African life: children playing, manioc being pounded in mortars, voices raised in arguments, cocks crowing, singing groups practising, loud prayer meetings, and so on!

It was officially a 40-hour course, but Dave had expected it to take longer. He is nearing the end now. Last week, the students were apparently ‘anxiously awaiting the millennium in chapter 20’, with all the interesting debate surrounding this part of Revelation. Dave’s hope is that, whether we are following his course or not, we are eagerly awaiting the coming of our Lord Jesus, keeping ourselves ready and serving faithfully until He comes.