During this period of the coronavirus crisis and lockdown, people are connecting with each other more and more by Zoom conferences online. CAM’s home end personnel – Dave Garrard (Director), Kym Delport (Administrator), and Andrew Ramsey (Admin Assistant), who are all in different locations, hold regular conference calls this way.

19 May was the date for the Trustees’ meeting – by Zoom conference, of course! It was an all-day affair, lasting from 10am until 4pm, with just a half-hour lunch break. However, the first hour in the afternoon was not for agenda business, it was the planned time for the Trustees to meet with CAM’s missionaries: Carol Seymour, Ginny Perkins and Lloyd Rowlands in Lubumbashi, DR Congo; Gordon & Sybil McKillop and Sam Livingston on leave from Nyangombe, Zambia, currently all in UK; Daniel Habtey in Huddersfield; and Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva in Chimoio, Mozambique, with their daughter Dayene there to help interpret.

Dave chaired this time of reunion, asking all the missionaries how they were and about their latest news and matters of concern. Lloyd needed his passport back from Kinshasa. He, Carol and Ginny were waiting for international flights to restart so that they could return home, while the McKillops and Sam needed flights to Zambia – but there were worries about quarantine on arrival there, with 14 days’ obligatory stay in an expensive hotel in Lusaka! There was good news, too – Daniel and his team had raised thousands of pounds for Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia, Libya and Sudan and were now arranging for supplies to be purchased and distributed to these people.

In true ‘African Pentecostal’ fashion, everyone then prayed together out loud, simultaneously praising God for His goodness and praying about all the worries and needs that had been shared. Thank God for this opportunity to meet and communicate together in such an encouraging way!