Our partners in Ethiopia have sent Christmas greetings with news of the work over there during 2020. As we all know, 2020 has been an unusual year – a year of isolation, anguish and loss for many, due to the terrible coronavirus pandemic. Our lives have been changed in unprecedented ways and 2020 will always be associated with Covid-19.

It has certainly been a very unusual year. And in Ethiopia, God has been doing unusual things! The church planters have seen the greatest growth in 2020 since the work began! Completely new areas of the country have opened to the Gospel and literally hundreds of thousands have come to Christ during recent months. Pray for all the new believers.

As we know, the country is facing huge challenges at the moment. Pray for peace.

Praise God, His work has not shut down during the pandemic, but His Kingdom is advancing!

(NB The photos are not new – just to give a ‘flavour’.)