No water!

Although the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has Africa’s largest freshwater resources, it is suffering from an acute drinking water supply crisis.  The country has one of the lowest rates of access to drinking water in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Less than half of the population has access to an improved drinking water source.  As a result of inadequate water supply and sanitation services, many inhabitants are suffering from waterborne diseases, including diarrhoea, typhoid and cholera.

While some homes in Lubumbashi, DRC, are supplied with water from the town council, this is not the case for the mission centre.  All water must be pumped from the nearby source and stored in reservoirs.  As the missionaries await the rainy season, their water supply has dried up.  Ironically the mission centre is named Eau Vive – Living Water!  However, the desperate situation means that the wells are dry and there is no water at all.  Containers of water are being bought and brought onto the centre to supply this precious and vital resource.

Plans to sink a borehole are being made, with research as to the best spot to start drilling.  Once this is located, work can go ahead.  We are praying that the borehole project will be successful, that a good aquifer, water-bearing rock, will be found so that next year the situation will not be so drastic.