At the end of October, the water situation was critical at the Living Waters Centre in Lubumbashi, DR Congo. It was the end of the dry season and the main stream had completely dried up. Wells were empty. Water for our missionaries had to be collected elsewhere, brought in and stored in barrels for domestic use. When the rains came, things improved – they could collect rainwater running off the metal roofs. But a solution needed to be found for the long-term water problems.

Ruashi Mining, a local company, came to the rescue. They offered to drill a borehole at the Centre, at no cost, as a service to the community. On 27 November they came with their drilling rig and began work. Within just a few hours, they had drilled down 75 metres, found water and inserted the borehole casing. Worker Kazadi bought the submersible pump and pipes, and trenches are being dug so that all the missionary houses and guesthouses will have water on tap – possibly by the end of this week!

We praise God for this generous gift from the mining company which will bring such blessing to the community at Living Waters!