CAM MISSIONARY UPDATE – As we adjust to social distancing and lockdown in UK, we are keeping in close contact with our missionaries in Africa. Just like over here, large gatherings have been banned in DR Congo and Mozambique, so churches and schools have closed. As a result, church or prison visitation is not possible at present.  (The same applies to Zambia, but our Nyangombe missionaries – Gordon & Sybil McKillop and Sam Livingston, are all currently in UK.)

In Lubumbashi, Congo, our missionaries are still keeping busy. Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins are concentrating on using their huge Risograph digital printer to make thousands of copies of a discipleship course. Lloyd Rowlands has plenty of practical work to do in the orchard and tree nursery at the Living Waters Centre.

Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva were very sorry when they had to close down classes at their Baruk Centre and Pre-school because of the lockdown. However, they have just received some very good news: at last they have received the Government recognition of the Centre! It is now classed as a ‘public utility association’, giving important support to the local community and city of Chimoio in general. They have the official document to prove it. Praise God! They have waited so long for this! They also have enough money remaining in CAM’s Cyclone Fund (launched in March 2019) to help families in local villages, who are still having to live in makeshift shelters like the one shown, to rebuild their homes.

The McKillops, on leave in Scotland, have heard from the Nyangombe leaders. They are struggling to know how to deal with vulnerable people like widows and orphans and people bringing babies and young children for help with nutrition. This has always been an area where they have helped in the past, but the social distancing rules are making it very difficult. We pray that these vulnerable people will stay safe and have their needs met by some means.

As for Daniel Habtey in Huddersfield, UK, he is now staying at home, looking after his 3 children, while his wife Senayit works – she is a key worker in a care home. However, his online Leadership Academy, for Eritrean church leaders in many different countries, is doing well. They had the ‘virtual graduation’ last Saturday.

We thank God for His guidance and help. Keep praying for CAM’s missionary personnel, wherever they are.