DAVE & RUTH GARRARD are soon to return to UK, after three months in Africa! They are due back in Preston on 6 August. Dave had already spent the whole month of February in Ethiopia (see photo of him taking down stories from the church planters). While he was in DR Congo in June, preaching and teaching Bible students and church leaders, Ruth ‘held the fort’ in Zambia, with plenty of contact with Ziso & Nicki Moyo and family in the CAM house in Ndola. Ruth is very friendly and sociable, always keen for a chat, and she naturally encourages folks. She & Dave recently had a break in Livingstone, on the southern Zambian border with Zimbabwe. The spectacular Victoria Falls were actually running low on water because of the severe drought at present. So the Garrards’ travels in Africa are over for this year… but they will be off again before long to visit their families in Canada!