Over the first weekend in August, a great celebration took place at Kipushya, in the East Kasai province of DR Congo. It is 100 years since the first missionaries arrived in the village of Kipushya, which became the centre of a great Christian work amongst the Basongye people. We have now received photos of the event from Pastor Mukala Ndjibu (in photo), Superintendent of the Pentecostal Church of Congo, Kipushya section. There are over 740 churches across this area of Congo, grouped into 52 ‘stations’.  Representative leaders were invited from each station to attend the Centenary meetings, joining the local crowds at Kipushya. The plan was for each station to organise its own celebrations later on.

August is dry season, but the sun is hot, so shelters were erected with tarpaulins, it seems, for the men and palm branches for the women – in their culture, the two groups always sit separately for official events. Leaders from the Women’s Ministry department held up a special banner welcoming everyone to the Centenary weekend. The senior lady (photographed) is Tabo Muloko,  a ‘rescued’ girl who started helping CAM missionary Joan Bond in the hospital at Kipushya in the mid-1940s and went on to become the head midwife. We reckon she must have been born around 1930, making her no less than 89 years old now! She is still delivering babies, still preaching the Gospel and still encouraging the local women in their Christian faith.

Let’s give God the glory for 100 years of ‘great things’ being accomplished in the Kipushya area of Congo!