August is holiday season and it just happens that our four missionaries who work in Lubumbashi, DR Congo, are currently on leave. Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins are based in the Norfolk area of UK. Lloyd & Sandy Rowlands came over to UK on leave together, but Sandy left Lloyd with his parents in Margate and flew to Australia, her homeland, for a while. We trust that they will all have a time of refreshment and rest as well as renewing contact with family, friends and supporting churches.

We thank God that our African colleagues keep the different projects running while missionaries are absent from the field. In addition to this, senior workers Kazadi and Simon, based in Lubumbashi, recently spent 10 days on a lorry trip to take Kiluba Bibles and study guides out to towns and villages upcountry, where people cannot find literature in their own language. Soon after their return to Lubumbashi, Kazadi set off again (15 August) with some helpers in the Mission lorry, carrying medicines, fuel, provisions and more Bibles and literature, this time bound for Lwamba. It is the dry season in southern Congo, when travelling is easier by road – but the journeys are still gruelling and time-consuming. As we enjoy our summer holidays, let’s remember our faithful Congolese colleagues as they undertake these vital supply trips.Click edit button to change this text.