All too often we hear of terrible storms and floods causing devastation around the world, including here in UK with recent flooding of many homes. In March, CAM was able to launch a relief appeal to help those affected by Cyclone Idai in Mozambique.

Out in DR Congo and Zambia, where our missionaries work, it is currently early wet season and strong winds are causing havoc by bringing down trees and blowing off roofs. On Kym Delport’s journey to Lwamba in October, fallen trees across the road had to be removed, sometimes by chopping into smaller, more manageable sections. Just a few days ago, Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins sent news from Lubumbashi, Congo, of 2 days of serious storms which had left them with no electricity. A tree had come down in their garden and they had another one felled as it was leaning dangerously over their garden wall. Many people in poverty live in mud-brick houses, with metal roofing sheets weighed down by bricks. Strong winds can whip these off and send them flying. Even when nailed on, roofs are not always safe in the storms. Carol and Ginny have been able to help comfort and assist local people who have suffered damage and loss in these storms.

At Nyangombe, in NW Zambia, where Gordon & Sybil McKillop work, they have their own local hydro-electric system. Some time ago, heavy rains in March flooded the generator house, causing serious problems. Skills training is an important part of the Christian Training Centre’s work and the building trainees were given a vital project recently – to construct new flood defences around the hydro house to prevent flooding in the future.

Pray for CAM’s missionaries. As well as sharing the Gospel and giving Bible teaching, they demonstrate Christ’s love by helping the people around them in countless practical ways.