At Nyangombe Christian Training Centre (NCTC) in NW Zambia, Skills Training is a vital part of the annual programme. The aim of the project is to teach young men and women skills so that they will have a trade for life, enabling them to break free from poverty and earn a living. Skills taught are Mechanics & Steel Fabrication, Building, Carpentry, Tailoring & Design and Computer Training. Experts in the different fields come out annually from overseas, at their own expense, to teach the trainees and also upgrade skills in the instructors. Gordon McKillop, who is experienced in mechanics and engineering, helps oversee the work.

As well as teaching the trainees these practical skills, the Nyangombe leaders spend time working with them on a spiritual level, giving Bible studies and spiritual guidance. Many current church leaders in the area first came to know and love the Lord when they were trainees at Nyangombe.

NCTC has been giving Skills Training for more than twenty years and it is a fact that most of the good builders, carpenters and mechanics in the region were trained at Nyangombe. Some are working now as supervisors in the mining industry in NW Zambia. Many former trainees have started their own businesses. Ladies who have followed the Tailoring course often form co-operatives and make school uniforms for large numbers of children.

Praise God for this vital ministry to young people, equipping them with skills which transform their lives, making them useful in society and able to feed their families and flourish.