Daniel Habtey partners with CAM International. He is an Eritrean pastor who lives in Huddersfield, England, and has a ministry to help Eritreans and other displaced people in UK and beyond. (He himself is a refugee who escaped persecution by fleeing from Eritrea back in 2002.)

In June he was commissioned as an Elim missionary at the Elim Headquarters in Malvern. CAM’s Administrator, Kym Delport, attended the service, as did one of Daniel’s senior pastors from Huddersfield.

Daniel gets many invitations for ministry in different countries. He has been in Ethiopia, meeting Eritrean church leaders who have been able to cross the border after the historic peace treaty made in July 2018. More recently Daniel visited Dubai and met some Ethiopian and Eritrean housemaids, serving in wealthy households, who are Christians and are actively involved with their own people as well as the nationals. He addressed many of them in a community training session held in a Dubai hotel and encouraged them in their Christian witness. We thank God for all these exciting new opportunities that are opening up for Daniel.