It is almost one year since Sam Livingston went to work with CAM International in Zambia. He arrived at Nyangombe, in the remote rural north-west, on 16 May 2018. Now he has just left for a 2-month break. He flew first to his home in South India. He will also spend a few weeks in UK in May/June. This is where he worked for 4 years with a Christian organisation in schools and colleges before God called him to Zambia. He was so excited about seeing family members, friends and supporting churches again. He has so much to share with them. His passion is for working with children and young people, sharing God’s love and the wonder of knowing Jesus. His experiences in a totally different country, with a new culture and language, have been a real challenge and have transformed his life in many ways. The photos show his recent involvement in youth camps and conferences in the Nyangombe area, and also the charming little thatched, round house which is his home in Zambia,