‘Where are my fellow-passengers?’

These are strange times indeed. A brief message on Wednesday evening announces Sam Livingston’s safe arrival in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. He’s safe and well, except for a missing suitcase, which was eventually recovered intact.

Then some photos – what’s this? Looks like Sam’s the only one on the plane! Skimming through his message, it makes sense that he was ‘feeling empty’, having just parted from his new fiancée Sarah. But no, he is referring to the aircraft. It feels like a private hire just for him! Ethiopian Airlines have done him proud – but why wasn’t he upgraded to business class!

While in Lusaka, Sam is renewing his employment permit before beginning the long journey back to Nyangombe. On this journey he will have company – Gordon and Sybil McKillop have met up with him in Lusaka and they will all be travelling together as soon as possible.