Daniel Habtey, a CAM partner, left the UK last Sunday to travel once again to Ethiopia.  An Eritrean by birth, Daniel knows what it means to be a refugee.  He fled persecution in 2002, travelling with his wife Senayit and baby daughter on a perilous journey through North Africa and across the Mediterranean Sea to Italy, eventually coming to UK, where the family is now based in Huddersfield. Daniel is committed to helping Eritreans and other displaced people with integration in churches and communities. This present trip to Ethiopia is a very exciting one for him. As well as visiting a refugee camp for Eritreans, he will be meeting up with church leaders who can now travel across the border into Ethiopia, thanks to the peace treaty that was signed back in July. Daniel last saw some of these friends 18 years ago, so it will be a thrilling time of reunion for them all.