The Gospel cannot be ‘locked down’!

Daniel Habtey is based in Huddersfield. He is an Eritrean pastor who arrived in UK as a refugee in 2003. Now an Elim missionary, he works with CAM to reach out to Eritreans and other displaced people in UK and beyond.

Before lockdown in March, Daniel could travel freely to different cities in UK and further afield – to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He met with Eritrean communities and churches and took aid to Eritrean refugees in a camp in Ethiopia. Carrying out his ‘Joseph Project’, he shared his life story, gave Bible teaching and encouraged refugees to integrate better into their adopted countries and to be ambassadors for Christ wherever they found themselves.

Since March, Daniel has been unable to carry out his itinerant ministry, but he has found plenty to do from his home in Huddersfield – actually becoming ‘busier than ever’! He has been preaching on satellite TV, with the broadcasts going into Eritrea; writing books in Tigrinya, the main language used in Eritrea (see example of text). His online Joseph Leadership Academy, for training Eritrean church leaders around the world, is flourishing. He has some amazing testimonies of people signing up simply to learn leadership skills and then being challenged by the Gospel and accepting Christ into their lives.

Praise God, the Gospel of Jesus cannot be ‘locked down’! We are so thankful that, despite these difficult days of the coronavirus pandemic, the Gospel message is going out in power and God’s Kingdom is being extended.