ETHIOPIA: It is a number of months since war broke out between the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Regional Province of Tigray. The war has affected the overall wellbeing and safety of the people in the Tigray region, including many Christians. They are facing many challenges and the conditions are deteriorating because of the war. Many people are now displaced and seeking refuge. Prior to the conflict parts of Tigray had previously been exposed to extreme hunger and starvation, so this situation makes things very desperate indeed. In Newslink 19 January 2021 we highlighted a further situation and requested prayer. Two Eritrean refugee camps in Ethiopia have been destroyed by soldiers. The refugees are dispersed all over Ethiopia. It is thought around two million people are at the brink of starvation. Please pray that humanitarian relief will be provided and that many will have opportunity to find Christ in the extremity of their need.

MOZAMBIQUE: The people of Mozambique have also been facing difficulties, but this time caused by extreme weather. Another tropical cyclone has passed through Mozambique for the third time in a year, and the population were already struggling with poverty and destruction. This time cyclone Chalane passed through Beira and Chimoio with winds reaching up to 90 miles per hour.  The cyclone also reached as far as Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Botswana and Namibia, leaving a trail of destruction, and more than one million people homeless, without shelter and food. Many families have lost everything and have nothing to eat. Wanderley and Rosaria have made some arrangements for the distribution of food and will also assist with repair work on some houses.  The photos show the devastation that has spread to Sofala Province, in Beira, Buzi and Dondo. The water damage reaches as far as Manica and Inhabane. Please pray for the work in Mozambique and for Wanderley and Rosaria as they try to co-ordinate these initiatives from Brazil. May the Lord have mercy.