‘Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord’ (Psalm 27:14).

The whole world is currently going through extraordinary times, as nations battle with Covid-19 and their citizens stay at home, endure social isolation and loneliness to try and keep everyone safe. And we are all waiting – for a vaccine to be available, for life to return to normal, and to be able to hug our loved ones again.

Some of our CAM personnel have been doing a lot of waiting recently, and still are…

Lloyd Rowlands left Lubumbashi, Congo, on 13 October to return home to Australia at last – six months later than originally planned! (He was waiting for his passport to come back from Kinshasa and then for planes to start flying again.) His final destination is Adelaide, where his wife Sandy is eagerly awaiting him. However, after a very quick change of planes at Addis Ababa and later having to wait around in Dohar, Qatar, for 23 hours, Lloyd finally arrived in Perth on Thursday 15 October. Here he has to remain in quarantine for 14 days. He was taken to a 5-star hotel where he is confined to his room on the sixth floor (see photo showing view from his room). Meals are left outside his door. He is cheerful and counting down the days – just nine to go now! Pray for him to know God’s presence and blessing during this time of extreme isolation and waiting.

Sam Livingston is also doing a lot of waiting these days. He left Nyangombe, Zambia in early September, hoping to get on a special flight to India, but this didn’t work out. After this, he tried several times to catch a flight home, but had one setback after another, leading to more waiting. (This did mean he had extra time for church ministry in Ndola and Lusaka, working with Pastor Ziso Moyo!) However, it was a great relief when he finally flew out of Lusaka on Friday 25 September, arriving in Chennai, India on 26th. He’d had a Covid test before flying and didn’t need to quarantine. Next day he was preaching at a local Pentecostal church and he later had a wonderful reunion with his mother and brothers. Now he is waiting for his UK visa to be approved, and to renew his passport, before flying to Preston, UK, where his fiancée Sarah is waiting. Pray for Sam not to have to wait too long in India, and for wisdom as he and Sarah make their wedding plans.