ONLINE TRAINING COURSE SUCCESS! – Ever since Daniel Habtey, a CAM partner, fled from his homeland of Eritrea nearly 20 years ago, to escape persecution, he has had a burden to help other displaced Eritreans with integration and leadership training. He travels a lot, leaving his wife Senayit and three children, to meet with Eritreans in many different countries. In particular, he visits Ethiopia, where there are many Eritrean refugees. Since the historic peace treaty was signed in July 2018, between Ethiopia and Eritrea, he has been able to meet with leaders from Eritrea’s underground church for the first time in 20 years.

However, earlier this year, Daniel found a way to train Eritrean church leaders worldwide without needing to leave UK! In February, he launched his ‘Joseph Leadership Academy’ online training course for Eritreans. He is very pleased with the 120 or so students who registered and studied hard. At the end of August they had their final exam and ‘graduation’. In October, Daniel hopes to register a new group of students on the course, and also start a ‘level 2’ course for graduates who are interested. Praise God for this great way of helping Eritrean church leaders in many different nations!