INTRODUCING A NEW MINISTRY TO ERITREANS – Daniel Habtey, a CAM partner, has a heart for helping Eritrean refugees worldwide. An Eritrean by birth, he fled persecution himself in 2002, travelling with his wife Senayit and baby daughter through North Africa and across the Mediterranean Sea to Italy, eventually coming to UK and settling in Huddersfield. The photos show his family today and meetings with important contacts in Ethiopia and Uganda regarding the support of displaced Eritreans.

But now Daniel has found another way of reaching Eritreans without the need to travel. He has launched an online Leadership course for the Eritrean diaspora which will run until September. It is going very well and he now has 120 students enrolled, from all over the world. Through this training, he is helping the students – Eritrean church leaders – understand what Christian leadership involves and to be better equipped for their various ministries. Praise God!