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CAM INTERNATIONAL   –   NEWSLINK   –   8 September 2020

‘Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus’ (1 Thess.5:16-18)

We are passing through unprecedented times of trial and uncertainty these days. Yet our God is still sovereign and we can still be thankful and rejoice as we look to Him in faith. We appreciate your support in upholding the needs of CAM International. Here are our latest points for prayer:-

Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins had an excellent time on Sunday when they visited the new ‘media church’, started as a result of the TV/Radio ministry. There were about 100 people present. Although they arrived over an hour late because of a bad traffic jam, that didn’t bother anyone at all!  Pastors Mwambay and Kalenga, from the media team, were there too. After a lively time of praise, led by Ginny, Carol gave the Gospel message and 12 people responded to the appeal for salvation. Other needs were addressed, too. Praise God! Thank Him for this great opportunity and pray that the church will continue to grow and bring blessing to the local community.

Lloyd Rowlands also has good news for us this week. On Sunday he went out for his first church ministry for over five months! It was in a suburb of Lubumbashi where an ex-Kamina student pastors the church. Lloyd was also caught up in the same traffic jam, making him late, but his message went ahead as planned and was appreciated. Praise God! Pray that Lloyd will get more invitations to speak in churches in the coming days. Meanwhile, he has had ‘no joy so far’ with trying to organize flights back to Adelaide. Pray that God will open up a way. Pray for Lloyd’s wife Sandy as she waits for his return.

Gordon & Sybil McKillop report that schools are still closed in Zambia, apart from Grades 7 and 9. So there are a lot of children and young people at a loose end. Gordon has not been able to get permission in writing to hold meetings at Nyangombe, but they have had verbal agreement. They are considering going forward prayerfully, adhering to government guidelines as far as possible, ‘so as not to miss these opportunities.’ They will start in a small way ‘and see where it leads.’ Pray for wisdom as they seek to minister to the large group of local youngsters and youth.

Sam Livingston may have the possibility of getting flights to India quite soon. Pray that everything will work out well for him.

Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva are waiting for letters to arrive from the Ministry of Justice in order for them to get their residence visas renewed. Pray that there won’t be any complications. As cases of coronavirus in Mozambique continue to rise, the government has declared a state of emergency. Pray for the country as they seek to put extra measures in place. Pray for God’s help and deliverance.

Daniel Habtey is happy to report that his wife Senayit started back at work last Weds, 2 Sep, and all the family were able to resume normal life. The two younger children will be starting at school on Thursday, after being off since lockdown in March, so they are feeling excited! Praise God for delivering the family from this 2nd attack of coronavirus. Daniel’s Joseph Leadership Academy will be starting a new registration of Eritrean students. Pray for the right people to register – those who will really benefit from the course.

Thank you so much for your prayers, which are a great encouragement to our workers.