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CAM INTERNATIONAL   –   NEWSLINK   – 8 October 2019

‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you’ (Matthew 7:7)

We appreciate your interest and support. Here are some points for praise and prayer for the work of CAM International. 

Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins had a “brilliant” time at the top security prison in Likasi on Sunday. 37 prisoners were baptised. As well as taking Bibles for those baptised, they took plenty of food supplies and also some special biscuits, as it was Carol’s birthday (they decided against trying to make cakes for 700 plus!!) Praise God for this wonderful occasion. Pray for the Gospel to touch more and more hearts in this prison. Pray for those who are malnourished and in a bad way physically. Ginny has been working hard on their garden studio that they use for the media work. They plan to do TV/Radio broadcasts on Thursday. Pray for all the team as they prepare their contributions for the programme. On Sunday, Carol and Ginny have been asked to minister at a local church run by an ex-Bible School student. Pray for God’s blessing on the service. 

Gordon & Sybil McKillop mention having over 50 people in for the 2-week Bible School, which finishes next week. Praise God, it is going really well. Pray for another good week and that these church leaders will return home next week encouraged and with increased commitment to God and His work. On Weds, Gordon, Sybil and Sam Livingston will leave early for Solwezi (5-hour drive) to collect supplies and take Sybil to the airport for her return to UK (she has to go twice-yearly for eye tests). They also hope to get Sam’s Zambian driving licence sorted out and return to Nyangombe on the same day. Pray for safe travel on the roads; for favour in the government offices; and for Sybil to have a good trip back to UK (Solwezi-Lusaka on Weds; Lusaka-Dubai overnight; Dubai-Glasgow on Thursday morning). 

Sam Livingston has enjoyed teaching at the current Bible School at Nyangombe, showing the importance of Youth work. He had good feedback. Praise God! He has also been encouraged in his work with Good News Clubs in the local school, with teachers and parents noticing changes in their pupils’ behaviour. Praise God! Pray for Sam as he continues with this ministry. Some of Sam’s students on the Computer course are finding it difficult. Pray for wisdom as he tries to make things easier for them. Pray that the students will acquire the skills they need. 

Daniel Habtey is going to Poland tomorrow (Weds) for 5 days, at the invitation of a Polish couple from his church in Huddersfield. It will be a busy schedule, speaking for 4 days at 2 different churches. Pray for safe travel, for good translators and God’s anointing on his ministry.

Kym Delport (CAM’s Administrator) is in Congo for 3 weeks. She and Kazadi have just spent a week at Lwamba, talking with the Hospital doctors, etc. and it went very well Thank God for a fruitful time and for God’s blessing in many ways there. Today they are travelling on very bad roads as far as Manono (a driver from Lwamba taking them, we think), and from there they will catch a commercial flight back to Lubumbashi tomorrow, Weds. (Sadly, MAF are no longer operating in Lubumbashi.) Pray for safety for the whole journey. Special request: At noon today Carol Seymour received a call from Kym, who was waiting at a ferry crossing. Kym had just heard that her grandson Josh had been hurt in a rugby accident and broken his jaw in 3 places. He was due for an operation today, but there were 12 operations ahead of him. Pray that he will be able to have the surgery he urgently needs and make a good recovery.

David Womersley update: We saw this message from David on Instagram today: “After 7 long months in hospital/care home, I have finally come home. Thank you for your prayers and wishes.” Praise God that David has been able to go home. Pray for him, that he will be able to manage all right (he must have regular carers helping out) and not have any more falls (one of which was the cause of his hospitalization back in March).

Thank you so much for your prayers, which encourage and bless our workers.