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CAM INTERNATIONAL    –    NEWSLINK    –    5 November 2019

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know’  Jeremiah 33:3

Thank you for joining us in prayer this week for the work of CAM International. Here are some news updates to help you focus your prayers.

SAD NEWS. We have been shocked by some very sad news just received about our CAM partner Bahati Masuka, who was preparing to launch his Leadership Academy in Tanzania. After the weekend at home in York, he was driving back to his job in Scotland when he was involved in a car crash and died instantly. No more details yet. Please pray especially for his wife Miriam and two young children, and also for the wide sphere of family, friends and churches, both in UK and in Tanzania, who will be affected by this tragedy.

Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins are still suffering with the sapping heat and humidity in Lubumbashi. Pray for the long-awaited rains to start. Last Tuesday morning they had a good time with the visiting American AOG team. Some helped Ginny with an assembly at the Lighthouse School while the rest of the group went with Carol on a prison visit. Then the team took them out to lunch. They have now returned to USA. Pray that their visit will have made a real, life-transforming impact on these young people. On Sunday, Carol and Ginny had a ‘scorching’ trip to Likasi to visit the high-security prison, taking some aid for the ‘horrendous’ needs there. Praise God for the help they were able to give and for those who responded to the Gospel message. This coming Sunday, they will be visiting a church started as a result of the TV/Radio broadcasts. Pray for an encouraging time. Pray for the Lighthouse Project, that God will give wisdom and direction in the ongoing meetings taking place and that they will find a resolution to the problems.

Gordon McKillop asks for prayer for roofing work on a new building at Nyangombe tomorrow; for senior leader Charles Kafweta and others travelling to Luangwa for meetings. He will be driving to Solwezi (5 hrs) early on Thursday to meet his wife Sybil and visitor Sarah (see below). Pray for safe travel to and from Nyangombe.

Sam Livingston had a great weekend at Mujila, speaking over 3 days on ‘Overcoming the Fear of Witchcraft and Death’. He saw people empowered by the Word of God and released from their fears. Many shared testimonies, encouraging believers to be bold in standing for Christ. Praise God! Pray that many others will understand the truth of Christ’s power and be set free from their fears. Sam also mentions this week’s ministry in schools and in his Teen Club. Pray for the children and young people he meets to be impacted by the Gospel of Jesus.

Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva are winding up their activities at the Vocational Centre and Pre-school, concluding at the end of next week (16 Nov), when they will be travelling to USA until early February. Pray for them as they make their preparations over the next 10 days.

Daniel Habtey is busy registering new students for his second online Leadership Academy course, which will start on 15 Nov. Pray for a good group of Eritrean students who will really benefit from this training. This weekend (Sat and Sun) Daniel will be in Leeds, speaking to second generation immigrants in an Ethiopian/Eritrean church. Pray for fruitful ministry.                                         

Dave Garrard (CAM’s Director) & Ruth arrived safely back in Preston yesterday (Mon) evening after their 2 months in Canada. It had been a very long and tiring journey. Pray for them as they settle back in and adjust to the new time zone.

ON LEAVE Sybil McKillop had her eye tests yesterday in Scotland and there has been some deterioration with her glaucoma. She needs an operation in January 2020. Pray for her and for the changed plans that will be involved. Sybil leaves Glasgow tonight to return to Zambia, arriving in Dubai tomorrow morning and in Lusaka on Weds. She will fly on to Solwezi on Thursday, where Gordon will be waiting. Sarah Maltby, from Preston AOG church, is going out to Nyangombe for 3 weeks to see the work and will meet up with Sybil in Dubai. Pray for good journeys for Sybil and Sarah.

Thank you so much for your prayers, which encourage and bless our workers.