--Newslink: 4 December 2018

Newslink: 4 December 2018

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CAM INTERNATIONAL   –   NEWSLINK   –  4 December 2018

‘Pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances’ (1 Thess.5:17-18)

Here’s our latest news to help you praise and pray with us for the work of CAM International in Africa and in UK. We appreciate your prayer support.

Congo elections are scheduled for 23 December: photos popping up everywhere of the various candidates; some incidents with different groups clashing, etc… Pray for peace and order as the longed-for elections finally take place.

Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins were blessed last week in their various ministries: on Thursday, the TV/Radio recordings went well, and then Ginny’s assembly at the local school was greatly appreciated. On Sunday, en route for the high-security prison at Likasi, they went to the Bike Evangelism village they’d visited the previous week (with 50+ children in the church) and dropped off Sunday school lesson plans, etc. At the prison they found great rejoicing as a local church had collected clothes for the prisoners. There was a very good response to their message and they hope to hold a baptismal service in January. Praise God for all this encouragement. Pray that the teaching given through the media work, school assembly, Sunday school programmes and prison message may continue to bear fruit. Today Ginny planned to spend time at the Lighthouse Project while Carol visited Kipushi Prison. Pray for the rest of their week to be encouraging too.

Lloyd Rowlands had last Sunday’s meeting postponed for a week, so he will be ministering at the local Pentecostal church this coming weekend. He will also take part in another Christian radio broadcast on Friday. Pray for his messages on these two occasions to be a blessing to the hearers.

Water situation: the borehole has been drilled at the Living Waters Centre and water is flowing! Kazadi is buying the pump, pipes, etc and trenches are being dug so that all the missionaries and guesthouses will have water – possibly by the end of this week! Praise God for this generous gift from the mining company to bless the local community. Rains are well-established now and some local people are buying young trees from Lloyd’s nursery for their orchards. Thank God for this help.

Sandy Rowlands is having a bumper year at ISTELU, with over 50 enrolled in the Bible College for different levels of studies. 30 men are attending her English classes. Pray for her lessons and for her overall influence on these students, who may go on to hold key positions in society.

Gordon & Sybil McKillop are back into their busy routines at Nyangombe. This week there will be an emphasis on planning the Christian Training Centre programmes for 2019 – on Weds with trustees, Thurs with church representatives, and Fri with church leaders. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom. Pray for strength to keep on top of all the other jobs that need doing as well.

Pray for Sam Livingston as he continues grieving for his younger brother who died in India one week ago. Pray for him to know God’s comfort and peace.

Thank God for good news from ETHIOPIA. Our partners over there recently informed us of a fearful witchdoctor who used a large snake to intimidate people. One of the supported church planters courageously went to share the Gospel with the family and was attacked and chased away by the witchdoctor. But the latter was troubled and unable to sleep until he learnt more about the message. He called the planter back and eventually repented, becoming a changed man, filled with the Spirit, who prays for sick people to be healed in Jesus’ name! Praise God for this transformation – just one of many!


Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva wrote last Thursday to say that, after a good week of rest, they have started on medical appointments. Rosaria needs some dental surgery and Wanderley is having in-depth eye examinations as well as other general tests. Pray that everything goes well for them. They are looking forward to visiting some churches and sharing ‘the wonderful things God has been doing through us in Mozambique’. Pray for good, receptive audiences and for churches that want to stand behind them and support them and their work.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, which encourage and bless our workers.