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CAM INTERNATIONAL   –   NEWSLINK   –   28 July 2020

‘This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us’ (1 John 5:14)

There is so much confusion and uncertainty in the world today – and perhaps in our own lives at present. This can make us stressed and anxious. But God, our heavenly Father knows everything and holds the future in His hands. So we can have confidence and complete trust as we approach Him in prayer. Thank you for your prayer support this week. Here are some items of news and requests from our CAM personnel:-

Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins are unable to visit prisons these days, but the ministry continues via their colleague Mutombo. They are buying bales of warm jackets and sending these, plus food and literature to help and bless prisoners. Thank God for this help. Pray for God’s blessing on Mutombo as he acts as a go-between. Pray that God’s love and care will be experienced in the prisons, as they receive the donations.

Lloyd Rowlands tells us it is very cold at present in Lubumbashi, with strong winds (it is now the coldest part of the April – October dry season). He is still waiting for his passport from Kinshasa so that he can return to his wife Sandy in Australia. Meanwhile, he has been burning lots of accumulated rubbish, using the ash as a fertilizer and continuing his work to control river erosion. Pray for him, that he will know God’s presence and peace as he waits to be able to leave Congo. Pray that he will not have to wait much longer.

Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva are concerned because it is generally expected that the President of Mozambique will declare that schools cannot be opened for the rest of 2020, because of the pandemic crisis, which is worsening in the country. They are worried about the children in the Pre-school and say, ‘We are asking the Lord to show us what to do to help our children.’ Let’s join with them in this prayer.

Daniel Habtey has the ‘virtual graduation’ coming up next week of his 5th online Leadership Academy course for Eritreans. Pray for God’s blessing on these church leaders who have completed their studies. Pray that He will anoint their ministries in the many different countries where they live and work.

Dave Garrard (in Preston) has been very busy with his Zoom teaching course on ‘Revelation’ for students in Congo. He says he has ‘spent the last 4hrs and 20 mins on verses 1-12 of Revelation 20’ – the passage about the ‘Millennium’ and final judgement! The problem is, ’People want answers to all the things that John doesn’t say.’ Pray for wisdom for Dave and his students as they grapple with these topics. Dave hopes to complete the course soon.


Gordon & Sybil McKillop (in Motherwell, Scotland) will, at last, be returning to Zambia on 6 August, flying out from Manchester to Lusaka, via Addis Ababa. Praise God that this is finally happening! Pray for their final days of family farewells and packing, and for a good journey back.

Sam Livingston (in Preston) has a UK visa which expires on 5 August, so he has to leave the country by then. He has managed to book a flight from Manchester for next Tuesday, 4 August, en route for Zambia. He has to pick up his renewed work permit in Lusaka. Pray for a good journey and for the arrangements when he is in Zambia – to await the McKillops or make his own way to Nyangombe? It’s only 4 weeks since Sam and Sarah Maltby got engaged and he will be leaving her on her birthday! Pray for them both as they plan their future life and work as a couple, and as they arrange their wedding for the near future (in UK).

Thank you so much for your prayers, which are a great encouragement to our workers.