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CAM INTERNATIONAL   –   NEWSLINK   –   24 March 2020

‘Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need’ (Hebrews 4:16)

At this unprecedented time of global fear and panic over the coronavirus pandemic, we can do no better than approach God’s throne in our great time of need, with full assurance that He, the Maker of heaven and earth, is watching over us (Psalm 121) and will graciously help us. Here are our current prayer requests, obviously related to the pandemic and its knock-on effects:-

Home-end office staff. We are all now working from home, with Andrew Ramsey collecting the post from the Blackpool Road office (where the Garrards live in the upstairs flat) twice a week. Kym Delport, CAM’s Administrator has worked from her home in Gloucester for some time. Praise God, the Internet and BT cloud phone system make this all possible. Ramseys and Garrards are in the vulnerable over-70s age group and need to take extra care! Pray for protection and good health for our home-end workers, including the Trustees, and for wisdom as they advise our missionaries during these very difficult and challenging times.

Carol Seymour, Ginny Perkins, and Lloyd Rowlands are all in Lubumbashi, Congo. Late on Sunday night, a 48-hour lockdown was imposed in Lubumbashi, following the arrival of 2 travellers from Kinshasa, who supposedly tested positive for coronavirus. This understandably caused panic, as most people live from hand to mouth on a daily basis, and no time was given to prepare for the lockdown. It had already been announced last week that all schools, churches, restaurants and bars, etc must close across Congo. Stockpiling is not an option for the majority of Congolese and very few have running water in their homes. Pray for this huge country to be kept safe. Remember the hospitals at Kipushya and Lwamba – pray for their medical staff and that the virus won’t reach these villages. (Latest news today is of 3-week lockdown right across Congo, with consequent panic and chaos. Please pray.)

Carol and Ginny are working at home, printing their Victorious Christian Life courses and planning future TV broadcasts. They have enough food supplies for the time being. Pray for them.

Lloyd had to cancel his Kinshasa trip and ministry in local churches – a big disappointment – but his one-on-one ministry continues. He has plenty of practical work to do in the orchard and tree nursery. In the current situation, Lloyd really needs to return to Australia as soon as possible, but his passport had to go to Kinshasa for his residence visa to be renewed. Pray that he will soon have it back and be able to travel home to his wife Sandy.

Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva report that Mozambique is now under quarantine, like many other African countries. The Pre-school closed on Friday and all activities at the Vocational Centre have been suspended for the next 30 days. The government has only registered one case of coronavirus, but there are not enough testing kits and the truth may be very different. Pray that numbers will keep low. Rosaria has not felt 100% well since they returned from USA in February. First she had a bad cold and now non-allergic rhinitis. She was very sick last Saturday and couldn’t sleep. With the current situation, they are obviously being extra careful. Pray for her complete healing.

General prayer for Africa. Remember that, although we have good health care and social assistance in UK, in Africa it is a different story. Many will be very fearful about the future and not know where to turn. At least many still live in extended family groups, so pray that they will be able to mutually encourage one another and experience God’s love, presence and protection. Pray that this terrible pandemic will be held back from devastating the vulnerable people of Africa.

Daniel Habtey, based in Huddersfield, reports that on Saturday they had their first online meeting for the Eritrean fellowship, and on Sunday their first online church service. Pray for wisdom in arranging future online meetings, that they will be a source of blessing. He has sent letters of encouragement to the Eritrean churches around UK, making sure they understand not to congregate at the present time. Pray for him as he works from home. (His three children are all off school now and quite happy about Daniel’s plans for family Bible studies!)


Remember Gordon & Sybil McKillop and Sam Livingston, all on leave in UK, with uncertainty about when they might be able to return to Zambia. Sybil was given an earlier cancellation appointment with her optician and was able to get her new prescription glasses just before the shop had to close. Praise God! Her appointment with the consultant in April may have to be cancelled with the current crisis. Pray that everything will be fine with the eye that was operated on.

I’m closing with a quote from Wanderley, which is very appropriate: ‘Stay home everyone and God bless us all!’

Thank you so much for your prayers, which encourage and bless our workers.