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CAM INTERNATIONAL   –   NEWSLINK   –   19 May 2020

‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you’ (Matthew 7:7)  The verses that follow tell us that our heavenly Father loves to bless His children with good gifts, when they come with their requests. Let’s pray expectantly today for the work of CAM International. Thank you for joining with us. Here are some items to guide you:-

Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins have been quite busy lately with Zoom meetings – the current popular way to contact people online during lockdown, seeing each other on the computer screen and having talks. This also works well internationally. This afternoon, Carol & Ginny hope to speak with CAM’s trustees by Zoom, and tomorrow with a supporting church in Taverham, near Norwich. Pray that these meetings will help with communications and be a blessing. On Thursday, they plan to do more TV/Radio recordings. Ginny is working hard on extending their garden ‘studio’, as they can’t all fit into the current space now, with the extras in the music group. Pray that this will work out well. Pray for God’s anointing on the team members and on all that is involved in the broadcasts – the songs, Bible messages and prayers. Pray for a powerful impact on the viewers and listeners who tune in to the programmes later.

Lloyd Rowlands has heard that his residence visa has been renewed in his passport, but it will stay there until the country opens up again and the airlines are flying. Meanwhile, he keeps busy with his work in the orchard and tree nursery at the Centre – and recording short sermons on Facebook! Pray for him.

Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva are concerned to hear of the daily rise in people infected with coronavirus in Mozambique, with cases in most provinces now and the government talking about needing to tighten the restrictions in the country. At the moment they are meeting with 10 parents at a time, three times a week, to give them papers with exercises for the Pre-school children to do, so they are not out on the streets and so that they don’t forget all that they learnt in class. Pray for protection for them all. The da Silvas are also using this time to supervise the building of 5 new houses for cyclone victims. Pray for this project. Pray for protection for the whole country.

Daniel Habtey and his family are celebrating the 18th birthday of their eldest daughter – the one that Daniel and Senayit brought across the sea as a baby to Europe when they fled Eritrea in 2002. Let’s praise God for blessing the whole family in so many ways since then. The next online Leadership Academy course for Eritreans starts on Friday 22 May. Pray for this new group of students, that they will follow the course well and be better equipped as church leaders through what they learn. Daniel’s team’s fundraising has resulted in several hundred dollars earmarked for Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia, Sudan and Libya. It is now time to start arranging the purchasing and giving out of supplies to these refugees – food, face masks, soap, etc. Pray for wisdom with all the practical details. Pray that the items will reach those they are intended for and be a blessing to them.

News from Zambia. We mentioned Irene Kafweta before. She is the wife of Charles, one of the Nyangombe leaders. She was in hospital with high blood pressure a month or so ago. Apparently, yesterday she was taken by car to Solwezi after suffering a mild stroke. Pray for her. (She has diabetes, which complicates other health issues.) Workers at Nyangombe are clearing some fallen trees which are precariously near to the turbine. Pray for their safety. Numbers of coronavirus cases in Zambia are increasing, but the number of recorded deaths is low (possibly because of the high proportion of young people in the population). Pray for Protection for the Zambian people.

Trustees Meeting. This is ongoing as I write, using the internet. I have just joined Andrew Ramsey and the other trustees for a while, contacting all our missionaries in Africa and UK by Zoom conference call. We had a wonderful time of ‘Pentecostal’ prayer together, simultaneously bringing to God all the different needs and concerns that had been shared by the missionaries. Praise God for this opportunity! Pray that it will be an encouragement to CAM’s personnel in the present time of lockdown and uncertainty for them all.

Dave Garrard (CAM’s Director) is unable to go on his planned trip to Congo at this time. However, it has been arranged for him to do some teaching by Zoom online. Starting tomorrow (20 May), he will teach 30 ISTELU Bible College students in Lubumbashi twice a week, for 1½ hours each time, on the book of Revelation. This will continue for several months. Praise God! Pray for good internet connections, for wisdom for Dave, and for the students to be blessed through this teaching.


Gordon & Sybil McKillop, on leave in Scotland, and Sam Livingston, in Preston, are all eager to return to Zambia as soon as possible. Even if they could go back in June, quarantine regulations could make it very expensive after arriving – having to stay in a hotel for 14 days, at over $100 a night per person, plus the cost of food! Pray that this will not be necessary when the time comes.

Pray for Sandy Rowlands in Adelaide, Australia, to know God’s strength and blessing.

Thank you so much for your prayers, which encourage and bless our workers.