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CAM INTERNATIONAL   –   NEWSLINK   –   17 March 2020

‘The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry’ (Psalm 34:15)

Thank you for supporting us in prayer. We are very conscious of the current coronavirus pandemic, which is starting to affect us all in CAM, whether at the home end or missionaries on the field. Here is some of the latest news received from our CAM personnel, along with points for praise and prayer:-

Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins were reflecting that while the UK seems to be into bulk buying and stockpiling, the average Congolese is just trying to survive from day to day. Pray for them to have wisdom in dealing with the many visitors with dire needs who come to see them. In their prison ministry, there are some very serious problems which may affect their future work. For the present, they are able to visit and will go as often as possible. Praise God, they were able to go to the Boma prison in Likasi on Sunday and they had an encouraging response to their message.

Lloyd Rowlands has been busy grafting trees before the colder dry season weather arrives. This coming Sunday he will be visiting a church to teach on the requested subject of ‘The Lord’s Table’. Pray that he will be able to communicate well on this topic, which is often misunderstood by the Congolese. Next Tuesday or Wednesday, Lloyd hopes to fly to Kinshasa, the capital, for 3 weeks of church ministry. Pray for God’s blessing on all his teaching/preaching.

Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva report that they don’t know of any coronavirus cases yet in Mozambique, but neighbouring South Africa does have some and it has now closed all its borders. The da Silvas are being vigilant and realize they might have to close their Centre and Pre-school if the situation changes. Pray for them. They are still waiting for the signed documents (from the Director of Religious Affairs and the Minister of Justice) in order to be able to register the Centre. The process is taking too long and they have hired someone in Maputo, (the capital) to help them. Pray for a breakthrough.

Daniel Habtey received sad news last week that his mother-in-law had died on Thursday 12 March in Eritrea. She was in her late 80s. They hadn’t seen her since 2009. She had become a Christian that year, when she had stayed with them for 9 months in Newcastle. Pray for Daniel and especially for Senayit at this time of loss, and for their 3 children, who have lost their grandmother. Daniel had plans for giving training to Eritreans in Manchester next week, and in Switzerland and Poland during April. Now, with the coronavirus situation, he is unsure if he can go ahead or not. Pray for wisdom and clarity.

News from Zambia. Gordon McKillop and Sam Livingston, who are currently in UK, passed on news received from their colleagues in Zambia. Gordon heard that there is still panic about families being ‘gassed’, with news of the coronavirus now adding to the general fear being spread through social media and mobile phones. Praise God, the leaders at Nyangombe are seizing the opportunity to speak the truth about knowing Christ and His peace in the current situation. Sam has heard that the Schools Work is going well, with Heather and other young Zambian leaders running the Good News Club. The weekly Bible study group is also carrying on. Pray for the local leaders as they look after these ministries.


Gordon & Sybil McKillop are in Motherwell, Scotland. Next week (Thu 26th), Sybil will be seeing her optician for a check-up, as it will be 6 weeks since her eye operation. Pray that everything will be in good order. Sybil will then have to wait 3 more weeks to see the consultant, who will discuss the best timing for the 2nd eye operation. Pray for Gordon & Sybil, as the current complication of travel restrictions, due to coronavirus, may affect their planned return to Zambia in April/May.

Thank you so much for your prayers, which encourage and bless our workers.