On Sunday 22 September, Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins (with guitar) visited the Boma prison in Likasi. They were thrilled to be meeting in the new shelter that had been put up earlier this year, while they were in UK, thanks to their supporters’ help with funding. Last November, their meeting had to be held in a room that was far too small, with most of the prisoners outside! Afterwards, they talked to the prison director about helping fund a much larger building, or shelter. He was very happy and they all inspected the available site for this building. Before long, one of the prisoners, a builder, started on the construction. In March 2019, the new shelter was inaugurated with much pomp and ceremony. And now, six months later, Carol and Ginny were able to join with a large group of prisoners praising God in the smart new meeting facility. After hearing the Gospel, many professed faith in Christ for the first time.

But there were also practical needs – not just for maize flour to make the staple ‘mush’, but also for water to do the cooking – there was no water on site! Our missionary ladies helped organise the purchase of water and eventually the prisoners were able to enjoy a good meal!

Praise God for the prison ministry which is bringing such blessings! Lives are being saved, not just spiritually, but also physically, as some weaker prisoners literally starve to death. We are so thrilled that these prisons in Congo open their doors for missionaries to come and share the Gospel and bring assistance to people living in extremely cramped and difficult conditions.