The long wait is over!

After the long wait in UK to find flights to Zambia, Gordon & Sybil McKillop finally arrived back at Nyangombe on 12 August.

In normal times, Nyangombe Christian Training Centre (NCTC) would have been at the peak of its busy season: seminars, Bible Schools, camps, conferences and conventions run one after another (sometimes overlapping) from April to November, with Sunday-school children, youth groups, women and church leaders coming in from a wide area to attend their special events. However, lockdown restrictions meant that the whole NCTC programme for 2020 had been put on hold. Gordon and Sybil wanted something for the youth, though, so in early September they and their colleagues arranged ‘family meetings’ on two evenings a week for young people in the immediate area, but no outside visitors were allowed.

Thankfully, this has now changed. At last the government has given schools permission to open from the beginning of October, so NCTC can start its Bible Schools and seminars – very belatedly and much more condensed – at the same time. The leaders have been busy planning the programme and inviting church workers from far and wide to attend the various sessions, which will run at Nyangombe from 6 October until November.

As you will see from the photos of past events put on by NCTC, Nyangombe is used to huge events and large crowds, and social distancing is an unknown concept! It will also be a big challenge to follow government guidelines, because soap and disinfectants are not easy to find and people from rural areas are not used to wearing face masks!

Pray for God’s wisdom and blessing as these vital Bible teaching courses resume. Pray too that Nyangombe remains Covid-free.