CAM International’s next Contact magazine includes a story from Lyn Ramsey, the Editor, about an Australian lady called Beryl Muller. Lyn writes:

Beryl spent three months in DR Congo (then Zaire) in 1985, with her husband Stan, a retired builder, and a young carpenter, Garry. They had come out from Australia with Ken Herschell, a former CAM missionary, to put the roof on a large new church at Kananga, built by the local people. Beryl’s priority was preparing meals for the team under primitive conditions, mainly using a charcoal brazier. Towards the end of their time in Congo, Stan & Beryl stayed in our home at Kipushya (about 300 miles due east of Kananga). We got to know them quite well. Beryl and I have kept in touch ever since – for 35 years! (Stan died some years ago.)

Beryl mentioned that she was going to be 99 years old in March 2020, so I made her a special card and posted it to Australia. Beryl lives in a Christian retirement village in Queensland and, until recently, did all her own shopping and cooking. She still leads Hymn-Singing on Tuesday mornings! Beryl’s beautifully-handwritten reply came in April. I was so sorry to hear that her special birthday lunch, with around 40 family members, had had to be cancelled because of the lockdown.

In her letter, after some comments about the weather, Beryl wrote, ‘A couple of other ladies and myself got together this morning to see if we could get a prayer meeting going, as we need to pray…’ She quotes from 2 Chronicles 7:14, ‘If my people… will humble themselves…’ and says she thinks the coronavirus is a ‘pestilence of the last days’, like nothing we’ve ever had before, but the church doesn’t preach about this. I was moved by the thought of this zealous lady of nearly 100 stirring people up to pray more! What a challenge to us all!