Early in the morning of Friday 15 March, Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique, a coastal country of SE Africa. The city of Beira was almost flattened, with hundreds feared dead and many buildings totally destroyed. The storm moved north and west into Malawi and Zimbabwe, causing further flooding and destruction there and wiping out crops ready for harvest. Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected. Some in rural areas are still waiting to be rescued on rooftops and high ground, without food or clean water to drink, shivering in the rain with no shelter whatsoever.

CAM Missionaries, Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva, are based in Chimoio which is 120 miles NW of Beira. They had only been back there for 3 weeks, after their leave in Brazil, when the cyclone struck.

Their daughter Dayene, who lives in France, emailed us to say that the cyclone had passed through Chimoio, causing some destruction, that the rain hadn’t stopped and that her parents currently had no electricity or internet.  They had contacted her by phone and let her know that they had been to Baruk Centre and the main buildings were undamaged, except for a girls’ toilet block at the pre-school that had ‘caved in’ because of the excess rain.

On 21 March, Wanderley posted some photos of the pre-school, showing the children enjoying themselves. He wrote, ‘After many days of rain and strong winds and the school closed, today the sun showed its face and brought joy to our children, who could go out and play. But almost half of the kids haven’t appeared in school because of the cyclone – many families were hit and had their houses destroyed or damaged.’

We know that the da Silvas are seeking to help those who are suffering in the local community through this terrible disaster.  Pray that they will have wisdom and be able to show God’s love and compassion to families around them at this time of heartache and loss.

If you would like to support them financially in this, so that they can help in a practical way, you can do so online, using our give.net donation page from Stewardship https://www.give.net/MozambiqueCycloneAppeal.  You can give quickly and easily using a credit or debit card or using your Stewardship giving account.  Plus, if you are a UK tax payer, don’t forget your giving could be increased through Gift Aid, meaning CAM International will be able to give even more.  We thank you for your generous giving.