Earlier this year, Cyclone Idai left a trail of destruction in its wake, destroying houses, bridges, roads, hospitals and supermarkets in Mozambique.  Work is being done to try to restore the infrastructure which was so badly damaged, but progress is slow.  Together with the help of CAM International supporters who gave so generously to the appeal to help those affected by the cyclone, Wanderley and Rosaria Da Silva have played a part in this great restoration work.  They have organised the building of homes for many who have been sheltering under black plastic sheets since the cyclone hit their clay homes which could not resist the strength of the storm.

Wanderley and Rosaria have strong links with the community and have been working in partnership with other organisations to complete the building of 15 simple brick homes so far, with others in the process of construction.  While they realise that their efforts are a drop in the ocean compared with the vast needs out there, they are very thankful for this opportunity to support those most in need of help.