Within 2 weeks of Cyclone Idai hitting Mozambique, CAM’s missionaries Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva, on the spot, started helping in a big way. Wanderley wrote on 30 March, ‘Today our team is uniting to buy and store products for families who have lost everything … beans, maize flour, oil, salt, sugar, pasta, candles, matches and soap.’ They plan to help up to 500 families with these basic items.’

2 days later, Wanderley went with a team to see other areas of the province where the devastation was greater and people have lost all their crops. They took food and seed kits as an initial help. They saw flimsy mud-brick or mud-and-wattle houses that had been destroyed. The da Silvas will use relief funds that are coming in to help these people rebuild their homes in more permanent materials. The needs are vast, but they are doing what they can.