Gordon & Sybil McKillop have been working with CAM International for over 36 years – since 1982.  They were in DR Congo for 17 years, but since 1999, they have been based at Nyangombe in NW Zambia.  Like all of us, missionaries have to look after their health, and in recent years Sybil has had to return to UK regularly for eye tests in connection with her glaucoma condition.  When she came back last August, she expected it to be a 3-week visit, but there were some complications involving a change of medication and the need for follow-up appointments.  After many tedious weeks of waiting and uncertainty about possible surgery, Gordon returned at the end of October to give his wife moral support.  At last everything was sorted out, Sybil’s treatment was completed, and on 16 November the McKillops flew back to Zambia.  Sybil’s ‘3-week’ trip had turned out to be 3 months!  A missionary’s life is not all smooth sailing!  There can be many trials and frustrations!  We pray that this next period of service at Nyangombe will be one of great blessing and fruitfulness for Gordon & Sybil.