News from our missionaries in DR Congo this week is quite dramatic and worrying, but there are some good points too.

Shopping challenge – It was Monday 15 June, time for Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins to shop for vital supplies in Lubumbashi. Face-masks had been made compulsory in May and this day the police decided to do checks on the number of people in vehicles and their wearing of masks. The ladies were stopped four times on their way into town, causing great delays. (Spikes are thrown in front of the wheels of vehicles trying to escape checks, puncturing tyres and blocking the roads…)

Another lockdown? – There was general panic in the city as people were jostling to buy food in preparation for another possible total lockdown this week. It has been said that one in two people in Congo have insufficient food. A local private hospital virtually emptied after a patient died of COVID-19 and other patients fled in terror of catching the virus. Confirmed cases in the country approach 5,000 now. Cholera is also claiming lives in some areas. Pray that these deadly diseases will be contained in the vast country of DR Congo.

Message of life – These days, Carol and Ginny stay at home for most of the time, doing what they can in their restricted ministries. Thankfully, there is no restriction on their Victory in Jesus broadcasts for State TV and Radio and the team meets most weeks in the garden studio to do the recordings. Artistic Ginny recently prepared two separate studio areas – one for the preaching (Carol Seymour and Pastor Kalenga in photo) and one for the musical items (Ginny seen playing her flute and singing/guitar-playing with fellow-musicians). Praise God, the Word of life is still going out!

Pastor Mwambay (centre front in last photo) is a valued member of the media team. Sadly, he has been ill with complications of his diabetes. Out of hospital and much better now, Carol and Ginny have found him a gadget to measure his sugar levels. Thank God. Pray for his full recovery.