Kym Delport, CAM’s Administrator, has special connections with Lwamba in Congo. It was where her mother was born to missionary parents Alfred & Mary Brown. Kym keeps close links with the Lwamba Hospital work (started over 30 years ago) and its personnel. Last month she had the opportunity of visiting Lwamba to do some auditing work and renew contact with her friends there. From Lubumbashi she and Kazadi (CAM’s Lwamba Representative in Congo) flew to Manono and were picked up by a team from Lwamba in the hospital ambulance. It was a nightmare journey of over 100 miles, but Kym trusted the driver to get them through the terrible roads with their potholes, fallen trees and other obstacles.

It was a very encouraging visit, with time to talk to the three doctors and other members of staff: senior Dr Josue (who has a wife and 4 children), Dr Clody and Dr Gloire. God is continuing to bless this great medical work which serves a vast area of rural Congo. The current hospital capacity is too small for the growing number of patients and there are plans to construct a new building with an operating theatre and recovery wards.

Kym has just heard of some important changes at Lwamba Hospital. Dr Josue has gone to Kinshasa to start a year’s Masters course in Epidemiology. Dr Clody is acting in charge of the Health Zone and Dr Gloire is Hospital Director. They are hoping for a trainee doctor to join them soon. We pray for God to help with all these changes and adjustments. We are so grateful for those who support Lwamba Hospital and we thank God for all the blessings associated with this wonderful work.