With lockdown restrictions continuing and international travel for ministry impossible, Zoom is proving to be the way forward. CAM Director Dave Garrard is using this video-call programme more and more to teach students overseas. He had planned to teach various groups of Bible students and church leaders earlier this year in Congo and Zambia, but then Covid-19 changed everything.

However, from May to July, Dave taught his course on the book of Revelation to about 30 Bible students in Lubumbashi, Congo (joined by the college lecturers and director!) and this was very popular. The students used their smartphones or computers to follow the teaching, which took place three times a week. Instead of teaching in the ISTELU college classroom in Lubumbashi, or outside in the shade of trees to beat the heat (see photos), Dave taught from his desk in the Preston office. He had his notes on one side of his screen and could see the students on the other side. They could (hopefully) see Dave on their screens. The 56-hour course was a great success.

In October, Dave arranged a one-week Zoom course on Leadership with pastors and elders in Kolwezi, Congo, teaching each day for 1 ½ hours each afternoon. After this, he was asked to continue with leadership training for one hour on Monday evenings. It was encouraging for Dave to see several groups of leaders from different churches in Kolwezi tuning in to the lessons. He has asked them to come next week with practical issues they would like him to discuss.

Dave and Ruth missed their usual 2-month visit to Canada this autumn. However, Dave is arranging to teach a course on Missions in Feb/Mar 2021 at the PAOC (Canadian AOG) College in Edmonton, Canada – by Zoom, of course.

Praise God for this powerful and effective way of teaching from a distance!