Lloyd & Sandy Rowlands returned home to Adelaide, Australia, at the end of 2018 because of election unrest and instability in Congo. They decided it an appropriate time for Sandy to stay on in order to meet pension regulations, but Lloyd is making short trips to Congo, when possible, to continue his ministry at the Living Waters Centre and beyond.

In Adelaide, they have been very busy with church projects, including some building work at Redemption Farm. But now Lloyd has left the hot, dusty Australian summer for the height of the tropical rainy season in Congo. On 22 Feb, he wrote, ‘I have arrived safe and sound… The weather is hot and humid – perfect for a natural, emissions-free sauna!’ Everything is lush and green and the river that flows through the Centre is in full flood.

Lloyd has been checking his tree nursery and the orchard, where he has put in so many hours in the past – planting, grafting, pruning and installing a drip-feed system in the orchard. He is pleased with what he is seeing. Grafts have taken well; trees are laden; fruit is ripening.

In the local churches, too, there is new life and growth. Lloyd is visiting churches in the suburbs to preach and teach, encouraging the people both in their personal spiritual lives and in their practical everyday efforts to make a living and care for their families. He loves talking about Biblical Development – applying Christian principles to income-generating projects and seeing God’s blessing.

We pray that God will bless all Lloyd’s practical and spiritual ministry during his 2 months in Congo, and also take care of Sandy back in Adelaide, that she may continue to be a blessing in her local church.