In two different remote rural healthcare settings, two different individuals were suffering from the same condition. They both received a life-changing operation. The condition they had is known as a ‘goitre’.  A goitre is an extremely large swelling in the neck. There are a number of causes for this condition, including problems with the thyroid gland, puberty, the menopause and not having enough iodine in the diet.

So, when one young lad arrived at Lwamba hospital, Congo, little did he know that the doctor who is currently heading up the mission hospital. Dr Gloire, had specialised in this type of surgery before starting at Lwamba. Dr Joshua who sent us the report explained that the goitre was exceptionally large, and the successful outcome of the operation was miraculous – praise God!

The second ‘goitre’ occurred in one gentleman from Nyangombe, Zambia. Sybil McKillop and the other nurses at the clinic work closely with other medical missions. Chitokoloki Mission Hospital is about 6 or 7 hours, drive from Nyangombe. The gentleman was referred to the hospital and his goitre was successfully operated on by Dr David McAdam.

Both patients were delighted with the finished result and proudly shared their photographs.

We give thanks to God for the different skills and abilities He gives to those who work in medical mission. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve others and to be able to make a difference in people’s lives. Please continue to pray for the medical staff that they will know the constant guidance of the Holy Spirit in all the challenges they face.