Gordon & Sybil McKillop, CAM’s missionaries in NW Zambia, wrote an article for Contact (not yet in print!), about going from Nyangombe to Solwezi for food and other supplies. This involves a 5-hour drive each way over atrocious roads. They passed some village shops with intriguing names – the Zambians like expressive names for their shops! At Solwezi, they bought large quantities of food for themselves and for others at Nyangombe, to last many weeks. In Zimbabwe it is sadly a different story. The country is facing a crisis since the price of fuel was more than doubled, leading to massive increases in food and transport costs, with consequent strikes, riots and looting. Kudzai & Sanel Mandizha (CAM partners) are struggling with their street kids work in this present situation. They also need a permanent base in the centre of Harare from where they can cook and feed the kids. Pray for God to help them as they face these challenges to their ministry.