Daniel Habtey is an Eritrean pastor who works with CAM International as a missionary partner. In 2002 he escaped persecution and fled as a refugee to UK with his wife and baby daughter. Now an ordained Elim minister and missionary, he lives in Huddersfield with his 3 teenage children – second generation Eritrean immigrants.

In December, Daniel and his wife Senayit kindly invited CAM’s UK personnel to his home for a meal. Dave Garrard (CAM Director), Kym Delport (Administrator), Andrew Ramsey (Admin Assistant) and Lyn Ramsey (Contact Editor) travelled together to Huddersfield and enjoyed a delicious lunch of traditional Eritrean food. The staple food is injera, a sourdough pancake on which portions of the spicy vegetable and meat dishes are placed. After this, Senayit made coffee the Eritrean way, starting with roasting and grinding the beans, and finally serving the strong brew in tiny cups. It was a good time to hear more about Daniel’s ministry and future plans. (Round the table from left to right: Daniel, Andrew, Dave, Lyn and Kym.)

Last week, Daniel drove to CAM’s Preston office to talk more with Dave Garrard about his work: his online Leadership Academy courses for Eritrean church leaders in about 30 different countries; and his ministry with Eritrean church fellowships in UK and beyond, helping first and second generation immigrants to understand each other better – often there will be problems with language and cultural clashes. Dave shared some of his ‘Contextualisation’ course with Daniel, which covers such cross-cultural issues.

We pray for God’s wisdom, guidance and blessing for Daniel as he makes his plans for the year ahead.