One of the top priorities for CAM International has been to see the written Word of God, in the local language, being placed in the hands of Christian nationals. Praise God, during the recent dry season in Congo, more than 6,000 Kiluba Bibles, along with other Christian books, were distributed to believers in the outlying towns and villages of the southern interior.

A number of restrictions determined how many Bibles could be transported: WEIGHT: with each Bible weighing 1kg, this limits the number which can be loaded onto the vehicle;  WEATHER: trips can only be carried out in the dry season, a very narrow window; COST: Very high owing to the wear and tear on the vehicle on the bad Congolese roads.

Kazadi and Simon have worked with the mission for many years and in August and September of this year they undertook three journeys, visiting many towns and villages to distribute Bibles and study books. CAM International heavily subsidises the cost of the Bibles, and totally covers the cost of trips, making the literature affordable to the majority.

People along the route expressed grateful thanks to God and to the mission for bringing Christian literature to the area. They were filled with joy to see Bibles being received by people who hadn’t previously had access to them. In one place the team was told that their arrival was ‘like angels coming to the village’.

Since their return to Lubumbashi, the team have received many phone calls from people in other towns and villages, begging for Bibles to be brought to them too. But the rains have started. The lorry is at the garage being repaired. The men are tired and sore after their long, uncomfortable travels. They can’t respond to the call right now, but we pray that, by God’s grace, they will be able to do so next year.