What strange and difficult times we are living in, with this coronavirus pandemic! Our CAM personnel have been doing a lot of waiting recently. Then comes a breakthrough and a door opens – but nothing seems to be straightforward.

Lloyd Rowlands is still in Lubumbashi, DR Congo. He should have gone home to his wife Sandy in Adelaide, Australia last April. But he was waiting for his passport to come back from Kinshasa. On 20 August, he posted on Facebook that his passport had arrived at last, with a 5-year residence visa stamped inside. (It was signed on 22 April!) Now he would get his exit/re-entry visa locally and then he would be ‘ready for home’ – when the airlines started flying again. Well, there are some flights, but he has not yet been able to organise how to get to Adelaide. More frustrating waiting! The problem is with connections, being in transit, and Covid-19. He can hardly quarantine for 14 days in an airport en route to Australia! In the meantime, Lloyd continues with his frequent sermons on Facebook. He has reached Genesis 3, so there is plenty of the Bible left for him to preach on if he has a long wait ahead!

Gordon & Sybil McKillop should also have been travelling in April – from Scotland back to Nyangombe, Zambia. But the lockdown kept them stuck in UK, waiting and hoping, until at last, flights became available for them to return to Zambia in early August. They arrived safely, full of joy and anticipation… but the ongoing lockdown restrictions in Zambia mean that the Bible School training programme at Nyangombe is still on hold. They are trying to get permission for Bible teaching sessions for the local youth, who, apparently, ‘have nothing to do but cause trouble!’

Do pray for our CAM personnel to be encouraged as they experience many frustrations at this time.