On 30 June each year, the people of DR Congo celebrate Independence from Belgium in 1960. It is a day of festivities and parades, with military marches broadcast on TV. Sometimes political tension leads to protests and unrest. CAM’s missionary personnel usually have a quiet day at home on these holidays! Lloyd Rowlands has been working in Lubumbashi, Congo, for 3 months but is now going to rejoin his wife Sandy in Australia for a while. (She has to remain there for 2 years because of pension regulations.) Dave & Ruth Garrard are spending 3 months in Africa, but Ruth has remained in Ndola, Zambia, while Dave has been giving Bible teaching in Congo. Dave will be back with Ruth in early July. Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins plan to return to Congo at the end of July after their leave in UK. The last photo shows Dave and Lloyd joining church leaders in holding a Congolese flag and praying for the nation at a Centenary celebration for the Pentecostal Church of Congo. We need to keep praying for peace and security in Congo, and for a great turning of the people to Jesus, the Prince of Peace.