Daniel Habtey is himself an Eritrean refugee, who escaped persecution and fled to UK in 2002, with his wife and 6-month-old daughter. Now an ordained Elim minister and missionary, he lives in Huddersfield and his children are 17, 15 and 12 years old – second generation Eritrean immigrants. Daniel’s special interest is in helping young people like this in Eritrean churches in UK and beyond. It was the subject of his MA dissertation. Second generation immigrants are a privileged group, as they know their roots but are also well integrated in their adopted country and can be a ‘bridge’ in the community, helping other displaced people with their integration.  But they also can have their own problems with language and identity questions, and there can be a large communication gap between the first and second generations. Daniel’s children were asked which food they prefer – traditional Eritrean or otherwise, and their reply was “McDonald’s”, which shows how well they have adapted to British culture! The 3rd photo shows Daniel in Germany recently with some Eritrean youth leaders involved with ministry to second generation church members.

We thank God for the work Daniel is doing with these groups of immigrants, helping them reach a closer understanding and harmony in their churches.