Pray for new opportunities for CAM in 2021

2020 was an unforgettable year! Back in March, as the coronavirus pandemic began to take hold around the world, everything changed. Travel plans for CAM’s personnel were ruined; churches and schools closed in UK and out in Africa; missionaries on leave were stuck in UK, while others on the field could not come home. Now, at the start of 2021, new strains of the virus are causing another surge in infections. How we praise God for online Zoom meetings, and also for the vaccines that have been approved for use, giving us hope for better days ahead. But our trust must be in God alone. He knows the future and He is still in control!

Pray for our personnel, for God’s blessing and for wisdom and guidance in the year ahead.

1)      Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins, on leave in UK until early March, are sadly not able to visit family, friends or supporting churches as hoped, but are making use of social media, Zoom etc. Creative Ginny made a stable scene at the front of the bungalow in Wickford, as a talking-point for passersby at Christmas. Pray for them and for their African colleagues carrying on with the work out in Congo.

2)      Sam Livingston and Sarah Maltby, in Preston, are planning their wedding within the next few months – not easy with the current Covid restrictions! Pray for them!

3)      Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva returned home to Brazil for 3 months in Mid-December. Pray for them as they go through necessary medical checks and appointments and plan, with hope, for things to open up at their Baruk Centre when they return to Mozambique.

4)      Gordon & Sybil McKillop have been very busy at Nyangombe, NW Zambia, over Christmas – praise God, the area has kept Covid-free. Pray for them as they hold meetings for the local young people during the school holidays and look forward to a fuller programme in the Christian Training Centre this year.

5)      Daniel Habtey has missed travelling abroad this year, but he has a busy weekly programme of Zoom meetings with different groups of Eritreans, as well as his online Joseph Leadership Academy. Pray for many new opportunities in 2021.

6)      Dave Garrard, CAM’s Director, spent February 2020 in Ethiopia, but had to cancel his plans to visit Zambia and Congo later in the year. Praise God, he has taught some Bible courses through Zoom. Now his travel plans for 2021 are very uncertain, with the war in Tigray, N. Ethiopia, as well as problems associated with the pandemic. Pray for God’s guidance.