Workers CAM International is looking for


The Democratic Republic of Congo is a large and volatile land where CAM has operated since William Burton and James Salter arrived at Mwanza on 1 September 1915. This is one of the great mission outreaches of the 20th century. Today there are over a million converts and thousands of local churches, some with four-figure congregations.

The 21st century presents new challenges. Today’s missionary fulfils specialist ministries supporting Congolese-led churches and hospitals. A good working knowledge of French is essential.  Projects include Media work; Prison and Hospital visitation and support; Bible College teaching, Bible translation, Sunday school; Street kid’s ministry; Building; Agriculture, and so on. 


The nation of Zambia is challenged by the HIV/AIDS epidemic where the average life expectancy is under 60 years. Widows and orphans make up a large proportion of the population.

A central theme of CAM’s work is Bible teaching, plus helping to prepare Zambians for leadership in the local churches.  Skills-training schools exist in urban and rural areas to equip students to enter the work place.  Other ministries include Nursing; Feeding programmes; Family training; AIDS awareness schemes; Horticulture and good husbandry along with successful Engineering projects. 

Missionaries must work alongside the Zambian churches seeking to build them up for effective evangelism and church building.  The challenge of AIDS plus the shortage of school teachers are practical areas where dedicated workers could find fulfilment.


CAM does not send resident missionaries to Ethiopia but prefers to reach the nation through national evangelists. Dedicated evangelists face deprivation and active persecution but are effectively spearheading a revival as thousands are won for Christ. Through miracles and signs God is saving many Muslims.

So, how can you help? CAM needs donors to enable us to offer support on a day-by-day basis, but there is a call for Bible teachers with a track record of anointed ministry to teach and train zealous young converts as they go out to win converts in Muslim, Orthodox and animistic areas.   We require a flexible missionary-teacher who can travel and teach wherever the need arises.


A land crying out for Christian workers – Mozambique is described as one of the poorest countries in the world but wide open to the gospel.  Peace has been maintained only since the end of guerrilla warfare in 1995.  Today churches exist in this former Portuguese territory, but most of them are weak, lacking in Bible knowledge.

Our present workers in Chimoio in central Mozambique are Wanderley and Rosaria da Silva, Brazilians with long experience of the country. Reinforcements are needed to help them and also to enable CAM to move into areas where Islam is the major religion.  The call is for versatile, dedicated, Portuguese-speaking teachers who can trust God while facing big challenges.

Are you interested in working with CAM International?  Do you feel God is calling you to join us in this ministry?  Contact us, and we will talk things over with you.