Gordon & Sybil McKillop came back to UK from Zambia earlier this year, as Sybil needed eye surgery. They are always thrilled to be reunited with their children and grandchildren while on leave. (The photos show Gordon last year and Sybil this year with their daughter Susan’s baby Erin.) But then came coronavirus and lockdown. It was now impossible to return to Zambia – there were no flights. They had planned to be back at Nyangombe on 21 April. Enough medicines and supplies had been left there until their return.

At this time Gordon wrote in an email, ‘We are having to work with our team [at Nyangombe] on a “continent distancing” strategy. Poverty, hunger and hardship have once again cast their ugly shadow over vast numbers in Zambia and we feel “guilty” not being with our team, helping where we can and sharing the burdens… We need to accept that the situation is outside of our control and we need God’s wisdom to do what is best from this distance.’

Across the continents, from Motherwell in Scotland to Nyangombe in Zambia, Gordon & Sybil have been able to help in amazing ways: organising the transport of vital medicines from both Scotland and South Africa out to Nyangombe to help a retired missionary there; advising the Nyangombe leaders how to help struggling widows, orphans and undernourished babies, while observing social distancing and protecting themselves; giving guidance to the feeding programme team on soya porridge mixes to suit the condition of the children; and just recently, they have managed to procure PPE (protective equipment) for the Nyangombe Clinic and Kalene Mission Hospital.

Praise God for modern technology and communications, enabling all this help to be given from afar!