Over recent weeks in Newslink, our weekly update with praise and prayer points, some of you may have been curious about the bulls mentioned. Gordon and Sybil McKillop, based in Nyangombe in the North Western Province of Zambia, have recently transported some bulls to join the existing livestock in Nyangombe.

The primary ministry at Nyangombe is teaching Scripture and proclaiming how to live as Christians.  So why are there cattle at Nyangombe?

The main reason is to breed suitable animals to pull oxcarts and a plough.  This increases the size of gardens that can be ploughed and planted, which in turn increases the availability of food in the area.  Having strong steers (castrated bulls) available for people to purchase and train as beasts of burden has transformed the ability of communities to feed themselves.  In addition, the extra food can be sold which will enable their children to go to schools and colleges!  This empowering of local people to feed their families and send their children to school through hard work and utilising an excess food resource is thrilling and makes the management of the cattle very worthwhile.

Recently some new Chulu Boran bulls which had just been weaned were purchased. Four large cows were sold for meat locally and with the money raised two pedigree bulls were purchased from a distant breeder.  Transporting bulls 300 miles takes a lot of care on very bad roads, but with careful transportation they arrived safely.  Two more bulls were then collected a few weeks later.  Gordon explained that over the next year the bulls will be given some extra feed to build them up before they begin their working life.

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